Parenting class for Urlacher, ex-lover

Attorney comments about Urlacher's use of court order.

In dispute over their child, judge orders them to take a course by Sept. 10

By Rummana Hussain, Staff Reporter

She thinks he's a narcissistic jock who needs to grow up.

He's surprised she even had a job.

Chicago Bear Brian Urlacher and his former lover bicker about a lot of things, including when he should spend time with their 2-year-old son. But a Will County judge said they need to do one thing for the sake of little Kennedy: Take a parenting class.

The three-hour course, mandated by the county, should iron out some of the problems the pair are having with child custody, Judge Dinah Archambault said after a two-day hearing on Urlacher's request that Tyna Robertson be held in contempt for violating an order outlining his off season visits with Kennedy.

Both need to take the class, albeit separately, by Sept. 10, when they are due back in court. "I'm glad she ordered parenting classes because Brian needs it," Robertson said. "Based on his actions, he's not a good role model, and I pray that he changes."

Neither Urlacher nor his attorney, Anita Ventrelli, commented on the hearing.

Archambault will decide in a few weeks whether Urlacher should be given extra overnight meetings with his son for the May and June weekend visits the Pro Bowl linebacker says Robertson reneged on. Urlacher is also seeking $15,000 in legal fees.

The NFL superstar testified that Robertson never showed up at the Hinsdale Oasis on days he had scheduled parenting time with Kennedy, even though he told her of his plans to see his son two days in advance.

She also chastised him for the drive she had to make from Joliet and suggested he paid off a judge in the earlier custody trial that resulted in the order allowing him to be with Kennedy every other weekend, Urlacher said.

Robertson admitted Wednesday she once sent Urlacher a text message describing the judge as a "racist," but said she lashed out only because the order seemed to cater to Urlacher's job. "I felt as though it was biased," she said.

Urlacher never returned her calls and when she missed his brother, Casey, by 20 minutes for a meeting to hand over Kennedy on May 19, he sent her a text that read, "Ha ha," Robertson said.

"Everything is about him, him, him," Robertson's attorney said. "He's using the order as a tool to control and manipulate Tyna. It's about Brian and what he's entitled to."

But Ventrelli said it was Robertson who's playing games, harassing the athlete and eroding any possibility of civil communication by ignoring his scheduled visits with Kennedy.

In fact, the relationship has soured so much, Urlacher said he didn't even know the former exotic dancer now works as a real estate agent. "I didn't know she had a job," he said.