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Mistakes to avoid when drafting a parenting plan

Divorcing parents will have to work through numerous negotiations at every stage of the process. From financial affairs such as the division of assets and debt responsibility to physical elements such as the parenting plan, both parties must find a compromise that...

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What financial stressors are unique to grey divorce?

Grey divorcees, who are 50 and over, often face problems that younger divorcing couples may not even think of. In particular, many of these hurdles come in the form of financial problems. But what are these problems? How do they impact you? And what can you do to...

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What can the IRS tax during divorce?

What are the biggest threats to your future after divorce? The first would probably be a spouse that wants more than a fair share of the marital estate. Divorce is complex in part because you get an opportunity to secure your post-marital life. One thing most...

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Attorney Assisted Mediation During the Pandemic

Attorney assisted mediation may be the best way to navigate your divorce in these challenging times. Many people ask are the divorce courts still open? The answer is generally yes, but in most counties in Illinois, divorce hearings are heard via Zoom. And not in...

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How can you handle the stress from a divorce?

To divorce, your partner may be one of the most stressful moments of your life. While it can be a new beginning and the start of a better life, it can also be a source of fear and anxiety. Divorce opens a new chapter of your life. The Huffington Post explains that...

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