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Are hidden assets a problem you may face?

When Chicago couples split, they must split their marital assets as well. This process can be arduous for anyone, but it is especially difficult for high asset couples. Today we will look at the issue of asset hiding. It can be even more common among those with high...

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How does the court determine who gets custody?

Divorcing parents in Illinois will eventually have to deal with child custody matters. It is common for parents to disagree. Sometimes, it is impossible for parents to reach a mutual understanding. In these situations, the court will often make custody decisions for a...

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How to protect your business in a divorce

Money is a central question in any divorce. Who gets the house? How are the marital assets divided?  The stakes are even higher – and more complex – when either spouse owns a business. It is likely your spouse was a supporter of your business as an active participant...

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Dividing up a 401k

Every person seeking a divorce in Chicago goes in prepared to work through their property division with their ex-spouse; not every person, however, anticipates that their 401k's will be included amongst their marital assets. Yet as contributions made to a retirement...

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Are pets property in a divorce?

Divorce is a difficult time for anybody going through it. However, an often-overlooked factor of divorce is the non-human entities that may have to deal with the consequences. While issues related to child custody are well-documented in Chicago divorces, dealing with...

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After divorce, joint custody of a pet may be possible

Divorcing a spouse can be both challenging and stressful. After all, when you call it quits, you must face a new way of life. Fortunately, if you have no children, you do not have to worry about tackling a potentially bitter custody dispute. Your dog or cat may change...

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What counts as marital property during divorce?

For high-asset couples, it may be beneficial to know that Illinois is not a community property state. Determining what property falls under marital vs. separate can be a challenge. Understanding the difference can help you better assess what is subject to splitting...

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When a custody battle interferes with one’s career

There is a long list of hardships that people may encounter when they find themselves in the midst of a battle over child custody. They may be emotionally drained due to high levels of stress and other emotional challenges such as depression. They may lose interest in...

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Planning for kids’ college during a divorce

For many people in Illinois, the thought of making plans on how to pay for their young child's college education while they are in the throes of a divorce may not be top of mind, especially if the child is 10 or more years away from going to college. Parents of high...

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