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Chicago Divorce Law Blog

Dealing with contested child custody disputes

When Illinois parents who have younger children get divorce, one of the most difficult things to deal with is child custody. In many cases, the child custody battle can be quite contentious, and it can be very difficult for the child to cope with. That's why courts...

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How to handle an HSA during a divorce

Dividing major assets during a divorce is always an elaborate process. In Illinois, assets like a health savings account (HSA) are up for negotiation during a divorce. An HSA isn’t like health insurance A health savings account is more like a 401K or Roth IRA than...

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Tips for a high asset divorce

A major concern for Illinois residents who have acquired many assets is how to protect them when their marriage comes to an end. While finances are a concern in most divorces, in a high asset divorce the stakes can be significantly greater. Planning for the future is...

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Divorce and same-sex couples

Same-sex marriage in Illinois often offers the same benefits as a heterosexual marriage. This means that each party can be on the other person's healthcare plan or receive exemptions regarding taxes. If you make the decision to divorce, then the process is typically...

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