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Fourth Time Not The Charm For Ivana Trump

Socialite’s Husband Has Sex on Italian TV Show

Ivana Trump with husband Rossano Rubicondi

By Steve Lake

Things are not looking good for 59-year-old Ivana Trump and her much younger husband, Rossano Rubicondi.

The six month marriage is reportedly on the rocks as Rubicondi was seen actually having sex on Italian TV’s version of Celebrity Survivor with a young Argentine model.

Ivana has tried to put on a good face, but says she’s deeply embarrassed, according to the New York Daily News.

“Cougar” Ivana has made no bones about her preference for much younger men. She was widely quoted as saying she’d rather “be a nanny than a nursemaid” when it comes to her taste in men since divorcing The Donald in 1991.

When it comes to repeat business, as a divorce lawyer I’m seldom surprised. The divorce rate for second, third, or more marriages is way above 50 percent. The rate is so high because people either marry the same type of person they married the first time, or they go 180 degrees the other way. Either way, it’s generally a formula for disaster.

And even if the first divorce went smoothly, there’s no guarantee that the next one won’t get ugly or vice versa.

Another famous line from Ivana was in the film First Wives Club, when she said “Remember girls, don’t get mad, get everything.”

Hopefully for her sake she has strong prenup, because her young husband may be trying to steal a page out of her own play book!