Child custody and addressing an anxiety disorder

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There are many hardships that those working through the custody process encounter, such as concerns about a child’s future to confusion regarding the ins and outs of the process. For some people, such as those with anxiety disorders, dealing with child custody issues during divorce is especially difficult. In fact, custody disputes can cause high levels of stress and devastate those with an anxiety disorder.

It is imperative to address any negative mental issues you are facing and prevent these challenges from interfering with your ability to secure a favorable outcome with respect to child custody.

Anxiety and custody battles

Sometimes, custody battles are so difficult that people develop anxiety disorders solely because of the process. Not only can anxiety and other mental hardships make it more difficult for a parent to prepare for court and fight for their custody rights, but mental health matters can even affect a parent’s ability to secure custody of their child. This is why it is so crucial for parents to address anxiety disorders properly.

Treating an anxiety disorder

Often, anxiety disorders do not prevent parents from gaining custody or visitation rights. However, it is crucial for those with anxiety or depression to prove that they are treating their mental health concerns and that they are fully capable of raising their child properly. Those who do not seek treatment are, in some instances, more likely to face challenges in their pursuit of custody (especially if the child’s other parent is hostile and wants to prevent them from having access to the child). Explore our site to read other topics on custody cases.