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Seeking Post-Divorce Judgment Modifications

If your circumstances have changed significantly since the time that a divorce judgement or other family law judgement was entered, you may have a basis to obtain a modification of the existing decree. Contact an experienced family law attorney at Lake Toback DiDomenico to discuss your legal rights and options. We represent clients who are seeking modifications of family law orders, including:

  • Increased or decreased child support
  • Change of custody/ allocation of parental responsibilities
  • Parenting time (visitation) changes
  • Spousal maintenance increase, decrease or termination
  • Enforcement

Our attorneys have decades of matrimonial law experience and have helped countless clients who were seeking a modification of an existing order. To speak with a family law attorney at our firm about a modification, contact our law office in Chicago.

What To Know About Child Support Modifications

If your financial circumstances have changed significantly since the time that your last child support order was entered, our experienced family law attorneys can help. We can perform a guideline child support calculation to determine if you have a basis to seek a child support modification. We represent clients who are seeking to obtain increased child support and parties who are seeking a modification to reduce their child support obligation.

How To Seek A Modification

A higher burden is required to obtain a child custody modification as opposed to a visitation modification. The general rule is that you must wait at least two years to seek a change of custody. However, you are not required to wait to seek a custody modification if your child is in danger. If you feel that your child’s physical or emotional well-being is in danger, take action immediately.

To obtain a change of visitation (parenting time), you must prove that the proposed modification is in the best interests of your child. There are many reasons why it is necessary for parents to modify the visitation provisions of a parenting plan, including changes in a parent’s work schedule, the schedule of the child and other factors that require a modification of the existing parenting time schedule. If you feel that a change of your existing visitation schedule is in your child’s best interest, contact our attorneys to determine if you have a basis to seek a visitation modification. We can also help if you are involved in a parental relocation dispute.

Modifying Maintenance Orders

Rehabilitative maintenance and even permanent maintenance may be modified under certain circumstances. If your financial circumstances have changed and you require a modification, let us review the facts of your case and help you determine if you have a basis to seek increased maintenance, pay less maintenance, or terminate maintenance.

Ask Our Family Law Attorneys About Modifications

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