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Can my ex contest our prenup?

Most couples who enter into a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage do so in an effort to protect both party's assets. However, after a divorce, some people find that they do not like how the prenup ended up working for them. If your ex suddenly wants to contest your...

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Business valuations for high-asset divorces

Business valuations can play a pivotal role in negotiations when navigating a high-asset divorce in the Illinois court system. It's vital to get it right the first time because today's errors can mushroom into tomorrow's financial headaches. What is a business...

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Can you appeal family law decisions?

The idea of appealing a case to a higher court is something you probably have heard about on the news. Many appeals involve criminal cases or a lawsuit with a constitutional question. However, the appeals process also applies to family law decisions. Appellate courts...

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Mistakes to avoid when drafting a parenting plan

Divorcing parents will have to work through numerous negotiations at every stage of the process. From financial affairs such as the division of assets and debt responsibility to physical elements such as the parenting plan, both parties must find a compromise that...

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What financial stressors are unique to grey divorce?

Grey divorcees, who are 50 and over, often face problems that younger divorcing couples may not even think of. In particular, many of these hurdles come in the form of financial problems. But what are these problems? How do they impact you? And what can you do to...

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