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What is parenting time abuse?

Many Illinois parents go through the trouble of obtaining a court-ordered custody arrangement, willingly or otherwise, only to face repeated violations from the other parent.  When your co-parent disregards a custody order, it is not only frustrating for you, but it...

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Can parallel parenting help us post-divorce?

In the majority of cases, most persons post-divorce would be happy to not see their ex-spouse ever again or at least not for a very long time. However, if you are raising children with your ex-spouse, this is not a possibility. It is probable that you and your...

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Is your spouse being untruthful about assets?

For a Chicago resident with high assets, divorce can get complex. After all, asset division is one of the most complicated parts of the process. It often takes the most time and money and has complex governing laws.  Unfortunately, people sometimes take advantage of...

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Contesting prenuptial agreements

As your marriage ends, you and your spouse may disagree about how to split up your belongings. Perhaps you signed a prenuptial agreement spelling out who has the rights to what property. Yet now that divorce is upon you, the agreement may seem questionable.  Certain...

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