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Tips for a high asset divorce

A major concern for Illinois residents who have acquired many assets is how to protect them when their marriage comes to an end. While finances are a concern in most divorces, in a high asset divorce the stakes can be significantly greater. Planning for the future is...

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Divorce and same-sex couples

Same-sex marriage in Illinois often offers the same benefits as a heterosexual marriage. This means that each party can be on the other person's healthcare plan or receive exemptions regarding taxes. If you make the decision to divorce, then the process is typically...

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How to navigate conflicts in co-parenting

The ideal co-parenting relationship is an amicable one where the parents can work together to raise their children in a positive, supportive environment. However, for some Illinois residents, it comes with struggles and challenges, particularly if their relationship...

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The process for appealing a divorce decree

There are situations when residents of Chicago, Illinois might feel they need a change in their divorce decree once it has been issued by the court. In those situations, they can appeal to seek a change. However, they should be aware that in most cases, going through...

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Parenting styles and shared custody

When Illinois parents share physical custody after they have divorced, the children will spend time in both homes and be affected by the rules, routines and parenting styles of each of them. In some cases, the parents’ parenting styles might be quite similar, allowing...

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