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Contesting prenuptial agreements

As your marriage ends, you and your spouse may disagree about how to split up your belongings. Perhaps you signed a prenuptial agreement spelling out who has the rights to what property. Yet now that divorce is upon you, the agreement may seem questionable.  Certain...

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What are the dangers of parental alienation?

Illinois parents often struggle to strike a balance after a divorce. It is hard to co-parent your child with someone you likely are not on the best of terms with. However, many parents in your situation come up with a livable arrangement that works for all parties....

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Excessive drinking and child custody

Whether you are struggling with an alcohol problem or your ex is battling a crippling drinking problem, it is very important to think about the different ways in which alcoholism impacts child custody. First of all, your child's best interests must remain a top...

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Creating pet agreements before or after a marriage

Illinois considers inherited or gifted assets acquired by an individual during a marriage as separate property. All other assets obtained during a marriage, however, belong to both spouses unless an agreement states otherwise. As noted by Forbes magazine, a prenuptial...

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Tips for same-sex adoption

Same-sex couples in Illinois who want to start a family must understand the unique obstacles standing between them and successful adoption. According to The Chicago Tribune, nonprofit adoption and foster care advocacy groups encourage more same-sex couples to adopt,...

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