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“Steve guided me through my separation and divorce. My divorce case was extremely complex, Steve explained the law in an approachable manner facilitating my understanding of each step and provided me with the tools to make wise decisions. Steve formulated and executed strategic plans based on his exceptional knowledge of the law obtaining successful results. During the process my emails and phone calls were responded promptly and he took the time to clarify any issues or concerns. I am very thankful for his services and will strongly recommend his services to anyone.”

“Michael DiDomenico was a consummate professional throughout the process of my divorce. I spoke with multiple attorneys before settling on Michael. It was immediately clear from our first meeting that he was extremely knowledgeable and most importantly, a very trustworthy individual. Michael truly wanted to help me through this difficult time and took on the stress of dealing with my ex-husband. I highly recommend him and his colleagues at Lake Toback DiDomenico.” – L.K.

“Sean is an expert in family law. Despite being fairly young, he is well-known for his encyclopedic knowledge of Illinois law. When waiting in court for my case to be called I saw other lawyers double his age ask him for advice on legal issues in their cases. Sean has a case for every issue at the top of mind. I’m a business and class action litigator by trade and frequently litigate against Ivy League lawyers from top international law firms and Sean’s brief writing is on par with the best of them. If you have a complicated issue or an appeal Sean is the man to hire!” – A.L

“Sean is a professional divorce lawyer. He is sincere, pays attention to details and is up to date with current laws.

Based on your needs and nature of the situation, Sean utilizes a team-oriented approach and utilizes multiple strategies to gain a positive outcome for his client.

Sean also communicates clearly and concisely. He answers emails in a timely fashion and is readily available to hold phone conferences and office meetings upon request. He utilizes that time efficiently, by answering questions, concerns and explains the legal jargon as well.

If you want to win your case and have a lawyer who is with you from the beginning to the end, Sean along with Lake and Toback is the law firm for you.”
– R.C

“I met Steve Lake 25 years ago and he immediately struck me as a straightforward person who I could count on. I knew immediately he was someone I could trust to help me navigate the system, while putting my needs first. Divorce is very difficult on many levels. Steve’s counsel was invaluable; he was always very straightforward and honest with me but also protected me. Steve and Alan Toback are total professionals, highly skilled and experienced at getting clients through challenging times.”
– Jack O’Callahan Gold Medal-Winning U.S. Olympian and Former Chicago Blackhawk

“Having to get a divorce was something I never thought I was going to have to go through. This divorce was not an easy process to handle, and there were a lot of stressful moments involved. Sean always made me feel that I was making the right decisions and walked me through every worry that I had. He took the time to answer my questions and was always there when I needed him in emergency situations. Sean is very professional and knowledgeable in this area of law, I never had to worry about him pointing me in the wrong direction. I am very thankful I had Sean as my lawyer, I was also very pleased with how my divorce ended and what Sean did for me. I would Highly recommend Sean Hamann.”
– A.V

“Getting a divorce is not an easy process for most of us, but Sean Hamann made me feel comfortable about my decision from the moment we met. He took time to answer all of my questions and handled everything with tremendous professionalism. It was obvious he knew the law and how to apply it in my case. Sean also followed through in a timely manner on everything he said he would do. He was efficient and clearly thought things through in his approach to handling sensitive issues. I am very pleased with the way my divorce was handled. I highly recommend Sean Hamann. He’s the best!”
– L.C

“Sean handled an appeal on a ruling, then stepped in on the main case after my attorney quit 4 weeks before trial! He was able to make more headway in the case in a couple months, than the previous counsel did in 5 years. Sean is professional, ethical, bright, hard working, and personable. He takes the welfare of his clients seriously. I highly recommend him.” – Anonymous

“Sean possesses a very good mix of analytical and interpersonal skills. He was effective in communicating and negotiating on our behalf. He demonstrated tenacity and perseverance with respect to our desired outcomes, while at the same time showing compassion and creativity in arriving at a positive result.” – Anonymous

“Sean was extremely knowledgeable in the area of family law and worked diligently throughout my case. He has a great understanding of business and finance, an often overlooked, but imperative expertise in every divorce. I found him to be resilient and aggressive when working on my behalf. I would highly recommend Sean.” – Anonymous

“When we met Sean, all our worries were addressed because he listened to all our concerns and talked us through the entire process. We came to realize that when you have the right attorney representing you, it is all about partnership. My husband often said, “Sean is our quarterback. We need to trust the plays that he is putting out there and support him. He knows what he is doing. Well, my husband’s analogy was correct!” – Anonymous

“We are extremely happy with the outcome of the case. Sean accomplished the one thing we truly wanted and our reason for hiring Lake Toback DiDomenico: clarity. While we are very glad the case is closed, we will never forget everything LTD and Sean did for us along the way.” – Anonymous

“Many attorneys have a degree, but it takes and extraordinary person to understand how to support people through this difficult experience and perform to the highest ability in the courtroom. Sean is this attorney.”
– K.S

“If it were not for Michael G. DiDomenico, I would not have custody of my son today. Michael was masterful in managing my case from beginning to end, even pro-actively coordinating with me while I was out of the country. Perhaps the most memorable moment was when he recited the detailed text of a law from memory in front of three appellate judges. Not only I but everyone in the court room was stunned.”
– V.A

“The experience was excellent. They were able to make more progress in a handful of weeks in the case than previous counsel made over several years. They provided intelligent, candid advice and genuinely looked out for the interests of their client.”
– L.W

“I would absolutely recommend Lake Toback DiDomenico to others. If you’re serious about getting divorced in Cook County, tired of getting the perpetual run around by your ex and the courts, call Alan. He is a skilled negotiator and well connected. We moved the other side, who had been stalling for years, to settlement in a matter of months. Excellent experience. Great strategy. Perfect execution.”
– P.L

“I had a positive connection when I met with Alan Toback. He came across as knowledgeable and successful in the family law space. I have recommended the firm to others and have no doubt that they have received the same level of expertise and counsel.”
– D.C

“After an unsatisfactory experience with prior counsel, it was immediately apparent that Alan listened intently and grasped the substance of the key issues in my situation. After doing some preliminary research, Alan believed he could achieve the outcome I sought. After starting a trial, my ex sought settlement and after 2 days in negotiations in lawyer assisted private mediation, I had the outcome I desired. Alan and his team were extraordinarily persuasive and grounded in the facts throughout the process. I would not hesitate to work with him or Lake Toback DiDomenico again, though I hope that won’t be necessary.”
– S.D