Bird nesting may buy you some time to sell your home

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Many divorcing couples choose to sell the family home and relocate to a different one. Then, if they have children, these couples shuttle the kids back and forth between separate residences. If your divorce is coming as a bit of surprise, however, you may have not had much time to plan for selling your home.

Your house is probably one of your more valuable assets. If you must sell in a hurry, you risk losing a considerable amount of potential cash. Bird nesting may buy you some time to sell your home in a rational and lucrative way.

What is bird nesting?

Bird nesting has been popular in Hollywood for years. This co-parenting living arrangement keeps children in the family home, possibly helping them to adjust better to their post-divorce world.

Meanwhile, each parent rotates into and out of the family residence when parenting time starts and stops, while otherwise living somewhere else.

How can bird nesting boost a home’s value?

If your house needs some renovating, you may have trouble finding a buyer for it. Making certain improvements, such as upgrading a kitchen or bathroom, may also cause your house’s value to skyrocket.

Likewise, if the market is slow when your marriage comes to an end, simply waiting to sell may allow you to list your home for the price you want.

Does bird nesting help with rented properties?

Bird nesting may not only benefit homeowners. If you currently rent your family home, breaking the lease may be expensive. Bird nesting until the lease ends on its own may be a better approach.

Ultimately, though, whether you own your home or rent one, you must carefully consider how bird nesting may affect your family before committing to it.