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Social Media And Divorce: What To Know

If a divorce is in your future, you should think twice before posting anything on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site. Family law attorneys regularly use electronic discovery to recover information from home computers, email records, text messages, social networking sites and other sources. Even cellphones may have stalker apps and GPS records that your spouse’s attorney can use to find out where you were on a certain day.

At Lake Toback DiDomenico, our lawyers can help you navigate the brave new world of divorce, social media and electronic discovery. Contact us for guidance in any issue that may arise in your divorce.

How Social Media Can Harm You In Court

Anything that you or your spouse posts on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site may be introduced as evidence in your divorce case. Examples of information that may be damaging include:

  • Disparaging comments about the other spouse
  • Pictures of alcohol consumption or drug use
  • Pictures of a girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Pictures of your children in a setting that suggests inappropriate supervision
  • Information about assets you may not have disclosed to your spouse
  • Gift, entertainment or travel expenses for a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Hotel or apartment receipts for an extramarital affair

The consequences of a poorly considered Facebook post can add up quickly. For example, if one spouse uses marital assets to take a boyfriend or girlfriend on vacation, the other spouse may be entitled to recover his or her share of that expense in the property settlement. This is known as dissipation.

Ask Us More About Social Media And Divorce

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