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Material Girl Prepares to Pay Through The Nose

Madonna with Ritchie

By Steve Lake

As I predicted a couple months ago, Madonna is paying the price for not having a prenup. Despite earlier reports that Madonna and Guy Richie had settled their divorce case for a modest amount because Guy wasn’t after her money, it’s now being reported that she will be paying him more than $75 million.

In a previous Lake’s Take article, I pointed out all of Madonna’s legal vulnerabilities, from her alleged affair with Alex Rodriguez, to her jurisdictional problems getting divorced in England where all assets are on the table even if earned prior to marriage.

It’s still unclear whether the custody issues have been settled, but my guess is that Madonna is agreeing to pay all that money with the hope that she will have primary care of their two children subject to his reasonable visitation rights .

With Madonna’s crazy multinational travel schedule and her alleged public extramarital affair, she could also be in jeopardy of losing physical custody of her children.

Stay tuned, because as another former great New York Yankee player Yogi Berra used to say, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over!”