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Property Division And Equitable Distribution In Divorce

Property division is a critical aspect of any divorce settlement and can have a significant impact on your financial security. An experienced divorce attorney can help you understand your rights, explain what to expect in the matter of distribution and ensure the protection of your rights.

For the experienced representation you require, contact Lake Toback DiDomenico in Chicago, Illinois. Our attorneys understand the importance of an accurate valuation of marital assets and how to achieve a fair valuation.

Expert Management Of Property Division Issues

We are prepared to expertly manage any property division issue that may arise in your dissolution, including:

Our attorneys excel at handling high-asset divorce cases involving complex property division, financial strategies, business valuations and tax issues. Our attorneys are known for their representation of high net worth individuals and their spouses, sports figures, celebrities, business owners, and other professionals. We also represent everyday people from all walks of life. We are committed to providing the same high-quality service to each of our valued clients.

How Property Division Works In Illinois

Illinois is an equitable division state, meaning that marital assets and debts are divided equitably between spouses. Property acquired during a marriage is typically classified as marital property, with limited exceptions. Nonmarital property includes property acquired by a spouse prior to a marriage and limited property acquired during a marriage, including property acquired by gift or inheritance.

The term equitable means fair or just. While a court may divide marital property on an equal 50/50 basis, equitable division does not require an equal 50/50 split. Given the significant discretion that courts have to divide property, it is critical that you have a skilled divorce lawyer who can negotiate a favorable agreement on your behalf or make a compelling case on your behalf at trial.

Put Our Skilled Advocates To Work For You

Senior partner Steven R. Lake and co-founding partner Alan J. Toback bring to each case more than 50 years of combined experience in matrimonial law. Mr. Lake and Mr. Toback are recognized leaders in the field of family law. Both Mr. Lake and Mr. Toback have been selected for inclusion in Illinois Super Lawyers magazine on numerous occasions. Each of our attorneys is committed to providing the skilled and experienced representation you require.

Legal Services Tailored To Meet Your Needs

To ensure the most favorable outcome in your case, we will take the time to listen to you, understand your objectives and put in place legal measures with your needs in mind. Our attorneys work closely with clients to provide highly personalized, accessible and responsive representation.

We understand that each client and each case is unique. While some clients may be focused on receiving an award of the marital home, other clients are more concerned about liquid assets, such as investment or savings accounts. Still others may be most concerned about the valuation of real estate or a family-owned business. Our attorneys will identify your objectives and work diligently to seek a division of the marital estate that best suits your needs.

Contact Our Illinois Property Division Attorneys

Lake Toback DiDomenico is located in the heart of Chicago’s Loop. Our office is five blocks west of Lake Shore Drive and ten blocks east of I-90/94, at the southeast corner of Washington and Dearborn streets. To contact our attorneys at Lake Toback DiDomenico, call 312-288-8985 or contact us by email.