Too much togetherness can be hard on a failing marriage

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Marriages that are in trouble can often fall completely apart due to extenuating circumstances. One situation in which you may find yourself struggling more in your marriage is if you and your spouse have to start spending more time with each other. Being together in close quarters for an extended period may lead you both to start noticing things about the other person that you can no longer handle. 

If you already have issues in your marriage, being together too much, whether it is on vacation, due to holiday celebrations or for some other reason, can put even more strain on your marriage. For some people, the time together may help them work through issues, but according to The New Yorker, it is more likely that many couples will discover they no longer want to stay in their marriages. 

A divorce boom  

In situations where people have to spend a lot of time together with little opportunity for a break from each other, many people found out it brought out the issues in their relationship, and they decided that their marriages no longer would work. This is something that the legal industry sees at the beginning of every year. 

There are always a high number of divorces every January. The togetherness of the holidays causes this. Families spend an increased amount of time stuck together, and it is difficult to get away because many families travel or spend free time with family and friends. 

Additional issues 

Even in a marriage without underlying marital issues, a situation where you suddenly have to spend more time together can still wreck the relationship. It is easier to nitpick and argue over minor things. Even something as simple as how you eat your cereal could turn into a huge argument. Constantly being in each other’s space can lead to problems that you may not be able to overcome.