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What To Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

In the Chicago area, there are many divorce attorneys to choose from. But which one is the best divorce attorney? Which one is right for you?

The decisions you make as you begin the divorce process and the settlement you receive upon your divorce will affect the future course of your life. The right divorce attorney can help you make wise decisions and serve as your strong advocate in court and in settlement negotiations.

You should only choose an attorney after learning about his or her qualifications, credentials and track record. The supporting resources of the attorney’s law firm are important too.

Choosing The Best Divorce Lawyer For You

Some of the things you should consider when selecting a lawyer to represent you in your divorce include the following:

  • Experience — While any attorney licensed in Illinois can represent you in a divorce action, there is no substitute for experience when it comes to family law. An experienced attorney can anticipate potential problems, ascertain the attitude of opposing counsel and gauge how particular judges will react to given circumstances.
  • Reputation — The respect accorded to the attorney by other lawyers, judges, court personnel and experts is a reflection of that attorney’s integrity, capabilities and effectiveness.
  • Professional resources — The attorney you choose should have access to and experience working with professionals in appropriate disciplines, such as forensic accountants, tax accountants, private investigators and psychologists. This is especially important in divorce cases involving complex property division matters or contested or non-contested child custody issues.
  • Empathy and responsiveness — Your attorney should care about you, your family and your future. He or she should repay your trust with dedicated and skillful legal representation.

Why Choose Lake Toback DiDomenico?

The attorneys at Lake Toback DiDomenico have earned a strong reputation throughout Illinois for their effectiveness. Our years of experience, access to professional experts and advocacy skills mean that your rights will be protected at all times. We want to help you make a successful transition to life after divorce.

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