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Why Attorneys Refer Cases To Lake Toback DiDomenico

When you have made the decision to divorce, the choice of a divorce attorney is one of the most important decisions of your life. In many cases, the attorney chosen can significantly affect the terms of the divorce settlement and hence your life in the immediate years following the divorce and after.

Lake Toback DiDomenico has earned a reputation as one of the leading divorce law firms in Illinois. Our attorneys excel in cases involving complex property division issues, and have represented numerous executives, sports figures, entertainers and other high-profile clients. We have both the analytical resources and advocacy skills needed to handle complex divorce cases as well as those with unique factual and legal issues.

We welcome referrals and inquiries from law firms and other parties.

Reasons For Referrals

Some of the reasons other attorneys refer their clients to Lake Toback DiDomenico include the following:

  • A reputation for excellence – Our attorneys, Steven R. Lake, Michael G. DiDomenico and Sean Hamann, have earned wide recognition in the legal community for their legal abilities.
  • Investigative and analytical resources – Our firm supplements the knowledge of our lawyers with that of experts in appropriate disciplines, such as tax accountants, forensic accountants, appraisers, private investigators and psychologists.
  • Advocacy skills – Our attorneys have extensive family law trial experience. They work tenaciously to protect the rights and interests of every client during discovery, court hearings, settlement negotiations and, when necessary, at trial.
  • Focused representationLake Toback DiDomenico handles only a few select cases at any point in time. This limited caseload enables us to apply the full range of our resources to the case at hand.

But the biggest reason for referring cases to us is trust. You can be assured that your client will receive representation of the highest quality and that his or her interests will be protected at all times.

Contact Our Reputable Firm

You can place your trust in us. To contact our attorneys at Lake Toback DiDomenico, call 312-288-8985 or contact us by email.