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Dividing Collectibles In A Divorce

Art, antiques and collectibles can be, in some instances, a significant portion of your marital estate. As such, the value of those items is subject to equitable division during divorce. But while financial assets can be easily valued (though sometimes less easily characterized), valuing personal property items can present challenges. This is particularly true when the items are unique or a limited market exists for those items.

If you are entering into divorce, and you or your spouse acquired collectible items during your marriage, you need an attorney with experience in the characterization and valuation of personal property items to manage your art collection division.

Protecting Your Rights And Interests

Lake Toback DiDomenico is one of Illinois’ premier family law firms. We have represented numerous clients in high net worth divorces, many of which involved the ownership of art, antiques and collectibles. When we represent you, we will work diligently to protect your interests and obtain the best possible property settlement for you.

Our lawyers will carefully review all aspects of your case, including all forms of marital property such as real estate, financial assets and personal property. When necessary, we can call upon leading experts in specific fields who can appraise the art, antiques, collectibles and other items that form part of the marital estate. We will be fully prepared to defend their findings while dividing collectible assets during settlement negotiations or at trial. You can be assured that your rights and interests will be protected throughout the divorce process.

Get In Touch With Our Attorneys

Lake Toback DiDomenico is located in the heart of Chicago’s Loop. Our office is five blocks west of Lake Shore Drive and 10 blocks east of I-90/94, at the southeast corner of Washington and Dearborn streets. To contact our attorneys at Lake Toback DiDomenico, call 312-288-8985 or contact us by email.