How can I increase parenting time while maintaining my career?

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Maintaining a good work-life balance is challenging even under the best of circumstances. When going through a divorce, you may find yourself struggling even further. It is important for both parents to spend ample quality time with their children, but it is also important to provide for kids financially, which is only possible through a thriving career.

So, what can you do to show the court can adhere to your end of the custody agreement? These tips for busy career professionals going through a divorce might help you make your case.

Do not overcommit yourself

When reviewing your work schedule, be realistic about how much time you can reasonably spend with your child. While you want to spend as much time with them as possible, the court will look unfavorably on you if you promise several nights a week and are canceling on half of them. It can also lead to arguments with your former spouse, who may be reluctant to be flexible with your schedule in the future if you are constantly canceling or rearranging things.

Make decisions that favor your child

When it comes to custody and visitation, all decisions should be made in the best interest of your child. If you typically work late nights or travel a lot during the week, it might not make sense for your child to spend overnight visits with you. The amount of time you spend with your child is less important than the quality of the time you spend, so reserve your visits for those days when you know your child will have your full attention.

Keep your workplace in the loop

The culture at many workplaces has become much more parent-friendly in recent years. As a result, your workplace is likely to be more forgiving when it comes to time off, especially if you explain your situation. For example, maybe you can schedule half days during the week so you can pick your child up at school. You can also request to work from home on some days so you can provide child care while your ex-spouse is at work.