Attorney Assisted Mediation During the Pandemic

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Attorney assisted mediation may be the best way to navigate your divorce in these challenging times.

Many people ask are the divorce courts still open?

The answer is generally yes, but in most counties in Illinois, divorce hearings are heard via Zoom. And not in person.

Can you get divorced during Covid 19?

Again, the answer is yes. But the system is generally very backed up with many cases being delayed for months or even years, especially where there are contested issues.

So, what is the alternative to slow and painstaking litigation in family courts?

There is now a surge in alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration) especially when it involves custody and child related matters that are often emergencies.

There are many new mediation services that are available to the public to expedite their divorce.

Are some better than others?

The answer is yes. Particularly when there are complex financial issues, such as business valuations and property disputes.

Does it matter which mediator you choose?

The answer is that which mediator you select to hire could make a huge difference in the outcome and results you are looking for.

But still, which ones are the best?

The first step is to get a recommendation from an experienced divorce lawyer. And more importantly, to have that attorney participate with you in the mediation process.

Attorney assisted mediation has become the best alternative to family courts and Judges in these difficult times of Covid 19.

Since the attorney knows the divorce laws and what information needs to be exchanged prior to discussing settlement, you eliminate the risk of one party dominating the other spouse and getting an unfair result, by being dishonest with the mediator.

Can mediation be binding?

Yes, it can by written agreement or agreeing to binding arbitration.

So, to recap, while the Pandemic has kept many people at home or in quarantine, or without jobs, divorce and child custody disputes are on the rise while access to the courts has become more difficult. Our advice is to call us and discuss all of your options, including utilizing our assistance in finding and helping you through the mediation process.