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How do you deal with digital accounts after a divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2021 | High-Asset Divorce |

A divorce could become a complicated legal process, as both sides might not worth things out amicably. Once the spouses separate and the divorce finalizes, both parties could go their own ways. Unfortunately, reminders may exist of the dissolved marriage, creating traumatic experiences for one or both spouses. Removing old pictures from walls could keep someone from thinking about the “old days.” Digital accounts exist in a virtual world beyond an Illinois home’s walls, though. How do people deal with digital reminders?

Social media and digital accounts

Social media profiles might bring up old photos from years past, offering users the option to “share their memories.” The gesture isn’t always appreciated, and some users would prefer not to look at photos of an ex-spouse.

Perhaps it would be best to make use of a social media profile’s privacy settings and custom features. Removing photos from files and timelines and “snoozing” some friends or followers to keep them out of a news feed could be necessary. Engaging privacy settings to keep friend lists private and blocking instant messages from some former friends might be unavoidable.

Moving on after a divorce

Taking steps to eliminate memories and reminders of a divorce from a social media account might not be “petty.” Looking at old photos, videos, posts, and comments could make someone feel upset. Why feel upset and sad over old memories?

Closing shared accounts might be necessary. Some online retail accounts could be more commercial than social. Someone would probably feel concerned about an ex-spouse’s ability to review his or her purchases.

Things could get complicated if an ex-spouse purchases something without permission, using a credit card in the other ex-spouse’s name. Taking inventory of joint online accounts might be long overdue. The same may be true of closing the accounts and opening new ones under a single name.