Scheduling time as a non-custodial parent

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Residents of Chicago and nearby areas of Illinois might want to learn more about what the non-custodial parent can do to ensure the mental and physical well being of their child. Sometimes imagined as “deadbeats”, the non-custodial parent may bust this myth. They may enjoy liberal visitation rights and are actively involved in the life of their child. Additionally, they may pay child support.

According to verywellfamily, there are several things that a non-custodial parent can do that are the opposite of the myth of the not-so-valid stereotype.

Beating the myth of the deadbeat

A non-custodial parent may pay child support on time every month, if that is the agreement. They have an interest in the well-being of their child.

Not all non-custodial parents are the father

Many non-custodial parents are men. However, more recently courts have granted joint custody. The non-custodial parent may work extremely hard to be in the lives of their children, whether they are the father or the mother. Child custody and parenting time are unique to each family; all should benefit.

Single parents are also involved

Although the custodial parent has much to do, including providing shelter, food, clothing, education and medical needs, the non-custodial parent may provide much. They may have their children overnight or on weekends, working just as hard to provide for their kids.

Some non-custodial parents give up custody – for important reasons

Although some parents choose not to be in their child’s lives, others become non-custodial for another reason. They feel it is in the best interests of their child for that child to remain in one house, rather than travel back and forth. However, they may still provide the love and support of parenting.

Scheduling time as a non-custodial parent is part of caring and remaining in the life of their child. The non-custodial parent can be responsible as well as loving.