Understanding co-parenting in Chicago

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2022 | Child Custody |

Co-parenting has become the norm in recent years. Chicago parents seeking a divorce should look to a co-parenting plan as a roadmap for the future of their family. Co-parenting plans are a positive way of considering possible conflicts and avoiding them turning into long-term problems. Addressing the custody of your children during a divorce needs to be at the top of the list of priorities for both parties.

Why do you need a co-parenting plan?

Issues surrounding child custody during divorce proceedings often focus on who will have the authority to make decisions. Alongside the issues of food and shelter, a co-parenting plan needs to include the mental well-being of your children. Issues to consider in a co-parenting plan include:

  • Parents work schedules
  • Distance between parents’ homes
  • The location of schools, friends, and activities

Don’t forget everyday issues

The question of everyday life can cause problems for a divorcing family. Without a structured co-parenting plan, you will find problems around every corner. Holidays and birthdays should be included in any plan to help parents avoid conflict. Summer vacations and the designated holder of passports should be agreed upon to avoid the potential for issues.

Child custody problems in the future

Even with a co-parenting plan, you can encounter problems down the line. Including the best ways of handling future conflicts can form part of the co-parenting plan. An independent mediator or therapist can be included in the co-parenting plan to assist with handling future issues. A speedy response to conflict is the best option for limiting the impact on children throughout their lives.

Agreeing to work on a co-parenting plan is a good option for avoiding future issues with child custody.