Child Custody Laws, Resources and FAQs for families

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Child custody cases are a strain on Chicago families. Arming yourself with resources will help lessen the burden. Child custody laws, resources, and website FAQs are available to help you navigate the system. These laws are complex and benefit from wise counsel. Based on the court’s ruling, child custody laws focus on what’s best for the child.

If you’re faced with divorce or a child custody case, the documents you will receive will contain information such as court date, petitions for full or joint custody and child support. You must comply with any court instructions and be aware of filing deadlines.

Child Custody Hearing

Both parents will testify and present their petitions to the court for custody. The family court judge will make rulings on which parent is primary, who pays for healthcare, visitation, and in many cases, a ruling will be made on religious practices for the minor child.

Research into your state’s laws will help you prepare for the hearing. Most courts will seek to order joint custody and award primary custody to the mother. If there is a possible danger, the court can remove the child and place the child elsewhere until the matter is resolved.

You must present substantial evidence of the child’s safety and well-being. Use local resources that support your case, like free local law clinics and shelters that protect against domestic violence. Co-parenting presents challenges such as a work schedule change or a new job out of state. The FAQ section on a court website can answer questions about the next steps in these situations. Custody sharing is challenging for the family and the courts.

Child Custody Changes

If one parent moves far away or their visitation needs to change, it affects all concerned. The courts will do what’s best for the child even if it inconveniences the parents. A strong petition works best towards a favorable ruling.